Frequently Asked Questions

Who will perform these services?

Certified Cleaning Solutions, LLC team of badged and qualified technicians will provide these quality services. The technicians will arrive donning appropriate PPE. They will ask you to leave the inside of the home or business while they perform these services. Our technicians will follow the CDC protocol and will remain a safe distance from all occupants.

How long will this disinfecting/fogging service take ?

The disinfecting process takes about 30 minutes - 1 hour depending on the size of your space. It is safe to return inside shortly afterwards.

What is our process?

We have an effective 2 action process:

Action 1 - A thorough disinfecting, wipe down of all touchpoints (light switches, doorknobs, desktops, etc.) in high traffic areas.

Action 2 - Disinfecting with our EMist® EPIX360™ Electrostatic Sprayer using CDC approved hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the entire home or business.

Why should I use this service?

Our technicians are knowledgeable of the importance of disinfecting as a part of infection prevention and cleaning. We understand the hazards of cross-contamination, and how to avoid them. We highly recommend that your residential or commercial property be disinfected according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to mitigate the threat of COVID-19.

What are the rates of your services?

Rates vary depending on  the size of the areas to be serviced. 

Are you licensed and insured?


Helpful Facts


the removal of soil and debris from objects and surfaces.


the reduction, not killing, of organisms on an object or surface.


the killing of 99.9% of microscopic organisms on a surface.


the killing of 100% of microscopic organisms.